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Two medical students join post-earthquake relief efforts

Two AMSA national leaders are joining the post-earthquake relief efforts in Haiti in May. Iyah Romm (Region 1 Director and Health Care for All Co-Chair 2009-2010) and Sylvia Thompson (Health Policy Chair 2009-2010) will be volunteering in the Fond Parisien Disaster Recovery Center organized by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI). Fond Parisien is providing a temporary home for over 1,000 injured Haitian survivors and their families, and providing a high level of medical and rehabilitative support.



The Fond Parisien Disaster Recovery Center was established by two emergency medicine docs from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Hilarie Cranmer and Stephanie Rosborough shortly after the earthquake on January 12. Sylvia and Iyah have been working with HHI and with Drs. Rosborough and Cranmer on topics of child protection and humanitarian crisis response training and are very excited to be able to assist the people of Haiti and to hone their skills in the field. Be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming post with the URL for Iyah and Sylvia's blog.


Iyah and Sylvia are self-funding for this trip and seeking assistance! HHI is an independent organization - it is not financially supported by Harvard University - and thus Fond Parisien is completely funded by donations. Iyah and Sylvia will have to pay for flights, transportation to and from the airport (more than six hours across Dominican and Haitian mountains!!!), and a $20 donation per person, per day to the Recovery Center that will pay for food, lodging, and the food for many of the volunteer Haitian support staff. The total cost will be about $1,200 each, or less than 50 AMSA friends at $50 each to fund the both of them.



The great thing about giving money to HHI and Fond Parisien is that there is practically no overhead. Nearly 100% of donations will go to putting food in our mouths or the mouths of hard working volunteers (many of whom have lost their homes, family members, and livelihoods).



Please keep track of the work of these two intrepid AMSA leaders, and if you have a few extra dollars to share, helping them out will go a long way! If you're willing to donate, you can either send them a check (27 Symphony Road, Apartment 4, Boston, MA 02115) or you can donate through their PayPal Account. Go to, select "Send Money" and select the email address as the recipient.

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