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  • Students Occupy for Health Justice

    By Danielle Alexander
    I met a patient last week who stopped taking her antidepressant medications because she had been denied long term health insurance and thought it would improve her chances of eligibility. Unfortunately this obviously wasn’t in the best interest of her health. I had another patient who presented to the emergency department with metastatic lung cancer. He had not been to the doctor in over 30 yrs because he couldn’t afford it. If he had sought treatment earlier he may have been cured. Everywhere I look private health insurance companies are making our patients sicker.

    I was proud to be at in Lafayette Park today for the Health Professional Students Day of Action for the 99%. We carried a banner that said “Health Professional Students Occupy for Health Justice and Single Payer”. I support the occupy movement because I feel that powerful and profiting insurance companies get in the way of my practice of Medicine. Treatment should be the same high quality for everyone; instead, we have to consider what someone can afford. It too often becomes treatment for the ‘haves’ and neglect for the ‘have nots’. But the thing is, these days you may not know which ...

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  • Video of Health Professional Students for Health Access for the 99%

    Yesterday, hundreds of AMSA members participated in the Health Professional Students for Health Access for the 99% rally in New York City.

    “It is time to refocus on the 99% and to develop equitable policies that support hard-working Americans,” says Danielle Salovich, AMSA National President. “AMSA has long fought for issues affecting the group of people that has now become known as the 99% - our neighbors, our colleagues, our patients, and our families - everyone who makes up the patchwork quilt of the United States. We are calling for access to health care, education, food, housing and other fundamental rights that are out of reach of so many.”

    “As future health professionals, we are dedicated to the service of the 99% and we rise against those who continue to promote societal inequities that make all of us sicker,” says Colin McCluney, AMSA Education and Advocacy Fellow. “We join our voices together and we will not be silenced.”

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  • Why Is AMSA Standing in Solidarity with the Occupy Movement?

    Since the American Medical Student Association came out in support of the principles of the Occupy movement last week, we have been inundated with responses – many positive but a few questioning this decision and citing concerns with aspects of the Occupy movement. We'd like to take some time to explore what it means for AMSA to support this movement, why it makes sense for us to do so, and what the movement is actually about. This is a synopsis – for the full overview, please visit:

    AMSA’s Guiding Document – our “PPP”

    AMSA is guided by our Preamble, Purposes and Principles, or PPP. This document was initially adopted in 1977 and is amended annually by our members through the resolution process in our House of Delegates. (If there are things you disagree with in our PPP or if you feel something is missing, we strongly encourage our members to participate in the process by submitting resolutions and speaking & voting in the HOD.)

    We define health as a positive, dynamic state of physical, mental and environmental well-being, and therefore, believe that health care should be oriented toward the achievement of health and not solely a treatment of ...

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