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  • Medical School on the Fast Track

    If you could graduate medical school in only three years, would you? 

    Quickly thinking about this question, the easy answer to many would be an astounding YES! But there are many factors to consider. Yes, debt would decrease and you would be able to start practicing sooner. But there are reasons to include fourth year as well including the ample elective opportunities which help students find their passion. 

    According to an article in The Washington Post this week, "fewer than a dozen of the nation’s 124 medical schools are offering or actively considering three-year programs, which typically involve the elimination of electives, attendance at summer classes and the provisional guarantee of a residency — offered because three-year graduates might be at a disadvantage compared with other applicants." Read the entire article here.

    What are your thoughts? Do you think medical school should be three or four years?

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  • Medical Education Reform

    Aliye Runyan
    University of Miami Miller SOM 
    Medical Education chair

    It was refreshing to hear Marty Nemko’s perspective on medical education reform in the Washington Post article published recently as these are precisely the types of changes AMSA strives for, nationally and locally. Medical education, standardized by the LCME and varying little throughout medical schools across the country, has also changed little since Abraham Flexner wrote his seminal report in 1910.

    The national AAMC conference in 2010 examined this very issue; titled “Shaping Physicians of the Future: A Century after the Flexner Report”, most of the meeting was dedicated to examining how medical education needs to move forward to best benefit the doctors and patients of our current and future generations. It is true, medicine and medical education remains entrenched in tradition, and while this helps institutional memory and provides structure to becoming a medical professional, it also makes innovation in teaching difficult to accept. The practice of medicine is extremely different than it was 100 years ago – more identified diseases, an upsurge of technology, the influence of business in medicine, the use of social media, the globalization of healthcare. 

    The tradition of “old school” medical education – ...

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