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When medical students come together in AMSA, we have power to enhance our well-being, protect the integrity of our profession, and advance the health of our patients. Explore AMSA and how you can get involved and make a difference in medicine, your community and your own life.

  • Just Medicine Campaign (formerly PharmFree) - The Just Medicine Campaign is one of AMSA's largest and most well-known initiatives countrywide and promotes evidence-based prescribing, pharmaceutical innovation and access to medicines.

  • Health Care For All Campaign - President Obama declared health care reform one of his chief domestic priorities as President. AMSA will keep you informed and active during one of the biggest revolutions of our generation.

  • AIDS Advocacy Network - HIV/AIDS is the epidemic of our time and AMSA has worked for years on advocacy and awareness -- join us as we observe World AIDS Day. We provide you everything you need to learn more and get involved.

  • Legislative Action Center
    Get involved in legislative issues happening now in health care.

  • Committee and Interest Group Engagement
    AMSA's committees represent areas the association feels all medical students should value as vital in becoming a socially responsible physician/healer. We invite you to get involved nationally or locally.

  • AMSA's Aspirations
    AMSA is dedicated to allocating time, energy and resources toward focusing the activism of its membership within these areas.

  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement for Physicians-in-Training
    With current TPP provisions, millions around the world will not have access to affordable medicines, receive the best treatment available or be prevented through government initiatives from goals such as becoming "smokefree" or curbing alcohol abuse. Sign AMSA's TPP petition today!

  • Engage the Media
    Media relations is an important tool for AMSA members who want to effect change. See what you can do locally.

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Let AMSA help you to succeed by answering questions, providing tools to make your life easier, inspiring discussion and debate on the hottest healthcare issues, and connecting you with peers from across the globe.

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Looking to make a difference? Consider becoming a National Leader for AMSA, the leader in medical student and healthcare initiatives.

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Local Chapter Projects
Need ideas for a local project at your school? See what other chapters around the world are doing. Or submit your school's local project to share with others.