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February 26 - March 1, 2015 

Health Insurance for Students

Assurant Health

Assurant Health

Getting Coverage Couldn't Be Easier
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Assurant Health AccessSM
An affordable fixed-benefit plan that gives you access to the health care system with network discounts and no deductible.

Dental coverage
Choice of three affordable dental insurance plans with no deductibles and no network restrictions, so you can visit any dentist.

Accident coverage
Choice of two options that pay cash benefits when you have an accident. Can help pay expenses not covered by a traditional health plan.

Cancer and Heart/Stroke coverage
Pays a lump sum cash benefit upon diagnosis of cancer, heart attack or stroke, for you to use however you need to use it.

All from Assurant Health, a company with 120 years of experience taking care of people just like you.

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