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Check out these resources concerning a variety of health related topics, public policy, action committees and community and public health.

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Holding a Primary Care Panel Discussion

Many AMSA chapters elect to hold a panel discussion on Primary Care. This may supplement or take the place of any of the daily themes suggested for this year’s NPCW. Below, you will find ideas to direct this panel.

  • Invite various members of a health care team to discuss their roles in patient care
  • Focus on a specific issue: palliative, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, Medicare & Medicaid, the impact of healthcare reform
  • Invite an obstetrician/gynecologist, internist, OB/GYN nurse practitioner, and/or family practitioner who has definite views about the issue of women's health to discuss the topic: who is best prepared to serve the primary care needs of women or sponsor a debate discussing "making women's health a specialty."

For More Information

National Primary Care Week

Have Your Governor Recognize NPCW

United StatesIt's encouraged that all state governors issue official state proclamations for NPCW. Check the list of proclamations received for your state. Most states require an in-state request in order for this to be approved. We need your help in sending letters to your state governors who may not have issued a proclamation yet. A letter of request and a sample proclamation is provided below. Feel free to adapt the letter, address it to your state governor, and send it off along with the sample proclamation.

Request a Local Proclamation for NPCW

The governing bodies for city and county jurisdictions frequently are very receptive to making proclamations to increase awareness about health and public health initiatives, such as National Primary Care Week. Once you have the language for the proclamation (sample proclamation), then the rest is easy. Contact the person who schedules the public work sessions for the governing body. Explain who you are, the purpose of the proclamation, and ask if the governing body would be willing to issue the proclamation, and then find out when it will be scheduled. Ideally the proclamation would be issued the week of or prior to the week of the event. Even though the proclamation only take a few minutes for the reading, as do photos ops and supporters making comments (if desired), the schedules are frequently very full so it may take time to get your request on the schedule. You should be present for the reading of the proclamation to demonstrate that there is support in the community for the proclamation and to let them know that their efforts are appreciated. If the public work sessions are televised make sure to tell your friends and families to look for you on TV.