With 5 educational tracks and over 60 diverse sessions, the AMSA National Convention provides original content and encourages you to think outside your routine medical school curriculum.

 Public Health Career & Professional Skills Development

Public HealthEmbrace your role as a community leader and foster a healthier society.

Expand your skills as a leader and physician. Sharpen your existing skills or learn something new in specially designed clinical sessions.

Sponsored by:Kaiser Permanente

Advocacy  International Health

Connect and learn to campaign for your patients best interests. 

Transcend borders and gain insights into worldwide medicine. 

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NEJM Group

Professionalism, Wellness & Society
Special Event Highlights 

Professionalism, Wellness & SocietyHarness your potential and become the best physician.

From mock interviews to educational team competitions with money to be won, you won't want to miss these conference highlights!

My First Convention

Justin Schreiber"I first attended [an AMSA] convention my first year of medical school. I wanted to learn more about how I could advocate for my patients, develop my skills as a leader, and find global health opportunities. I found these things and much more through all the programming, mixers and people that I met. These conferences connected me with lifelong mentors and friends that I will be able to look to when I make decisions about what I want to do with my future career."
-- Dr. Justin Schreiber