AMSA Nominations and Credentials Committees


Three committees ensure the smooth functioning of the HOD and national officer elections: the Reference, Nominations and Credentials Committees. These committees are an excellent way for AMSA members to get involved nationally. AMSA depends on committed members to serve on these committees and to help the HOD function smoothly.

Any active member of AMSA may apply to serve on the Credentials and/or Nomination Committees. Interested members must submit an online application, a brief paragraph of intent (no more than 100 words), as well as a brief resume/curriculum vitae (CV) by the deadline date listed above. Please tailor your resume/curriculum vitae to highlight AMSA or other extracurricular activities in which you have participated.

Committee members will be selected by the Vice President for Internal Affairs and the National Secretary. Because of funding constraints, the national office is unable to assist committee members with travel to Convention; however, local chapters and school administrations can usually assist their delegates and committee members. All committee members will have their AMSA Convention registration fees waived in return for their service.


The Nominations Committee oversees the election of AMSA's national officers at the Annual Convention. This Committee is composed of active AMSA members who are not candidates for any national office. They present all identified national candidates to the HOD, chaperone them during candidate debates and carry out other aspects of the election process. Members of the Nominations Committee will also oversee the process of all other national leadership elections.

Committee members must participate in a training session during the National Convention. The Vice President for Internal Affairs and Secretary will review Committee roles and responsibilities. During elections, Committee members will then be the only members of the HOD to communicate with candidates. After supervising voting, the Committee counts ballots and announces election results. The Committee is further responsible for assuring throughout the Convention that AMSA's election guidelines are respected and that there are no election irregularities. Members of the Nominations Committee will rotate shifts to help oversee all other elections during Convention and to ensure fairness and accuracy of the voting process.


The Credentials Committee maintains the official roll of AMSA members entitled to vote in the business sessions of the HOD. Participation on the Credentials Committee is open to any active AMSA member. Serving a "sergeant-at-arms" function, the Committee also certifies that a quorum is present while the House is in session and checks the credentials of those who request admission into the House during business sessions. Committee members must be available to meet with the Vice President for Internal Affairs and Secretary for training during the National Convention and to assist with the HOD during Convention. Generally, Credentials Committee members split up shifts in the HOD so each member works for approximately six hours during the course of the Convention.

Applicants for credentials and nominations committees may also apply to serve on a Reference Committee.

Applicants for Nominations and Credentials Committees will be notified of their status by January 16, 2015.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Both Credential committee and Nominations committee members are required to be present at orientation (date & time TBA).