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Sexual Health Scholars Program

This is a sampling of the diverse projects presented by Sexual Health Scholars. We hope you enjoy learning from and using the information presented in these interactive activities, powerpoints, brochures, case-based exercises, etc.

Teaching About Sex

  • BDSM: Board Game Designed for Sexual Medicine (Robyn Monckton)
  • Taking a Sexual History: A Case-Based Session for Medical Students (Shanthi Ramesh)
  • Let's Talk About Sex: An Introduction to Sexual Health (mini-elective) (Laura Taylor)
  • Sexual Practices Values Clarification: An Exercise for Health Care Professionals and Students (Jennifer Kaiser)
  • Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) for Medical Students (Haleigh Kotter)
  • Educating on Sexual Violence (Mary Hull)
  • How to Talk to Your Patients about Sexual Function (Rebecca Feldman)
  • Physician’s Sexual Health Resource Pocket Guide (Laura Kromann)
  • What We Don’t Talk About When We Don’t Talk About Sex: Sexual History Taking in the Medical Interview (Janelle Sobecki-Rausch, MA)
  • Birds and Bees Ain't Enough: Addressing the Lack of Sexuality Education in US Medical Curricula (Sarp Aksel, Preethi Kochhar)
  • Special Education Sex Ed Lesson Plan (Jarratt Pytell)

Reproductive Health

  • A Medical Student's Guide: Talking to Women About Pregnancy Options (Megan Evans)
  • Sexual Consequences of Infertility
  • A Clinician’s Brief Guide to Families with Same-Sex Parents

Body Image

  • Fat Women's Perspectives on Body Image and Sex (Sayume Romero)

Transgender Health

  • Transgender Health Concerns and Treatment Practices: A Primer for Medical Students
    (Teresa Bair)
  • Transgender Health for Medical Students (Amy Woods)
  • Sexual Histories: Thinking Outside the (Gender) Box (Remigio Roque)
  • Medically Necessary? Genital Reassignment Surgery for Transsexual Women
  • Trans Health 101 (Becca Hartog)

Children and Adolescents

  • Talking to Your Child about Sex: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers of Children 6-8 (Arija Weddle)
  • Adolescent Health: A White Coat Card (Carolyn Kay)
  • Teen Centered Sexual Education: A Primary Care Approach (Alisha Liggett)
  • Talking to Teens About Sexual Pleasure (Kyle Ragins)
  • A Teenager's Guide to Birth Control, Sex and Sexual Anatomy, STIs (Annie Kieran)
  • Contraceptive Counseling in Adolescent Girls (Lauren Veit)
  • The Prepuce: Options for Health Professionals and Patients in the USA

Global Health & Cultural Competency

  • Cultural Competency in Sexual Health Practice (Nilofer Khan Habibullah)
  • El Control: Birth Control in Latin America (Dara Mendelsohn)
  • Introduction to Sexual History Taking – Discussions of Religion and Sexuality (Talie Lewis)
  • A (Muslim) Parent's Guide to Sex Education (Adnin Zaman)

Sexual Violence & Abuse

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse (Andrea Clark)
  • Sexual Violence within and towards the LGBTQ community (Nicole Mushero)

Additional Sexual Health Topics

  • Cancer & Sexuality (Altaf Saadi)
  • Learning More About Sex Therapy & Physician’s Guide to Talking to Female Patients about Sexual Desire and Arousal (Jennifer Wiessner)
  • SSRIs and Sexual Dysfunction: Beyond Wellbutrin/Bupropion is "better" (Farah Ahmad)
  • Beyond Whips and Chains: What Medical Students Need to Know About BDSM (Sara Thorp)
  • Exploring BDSM: A Short Introduction and Resource Guide (Laura Brogoch)
  • Introduction to Sexual Integrative Medicine: A case-based approach to complementary treatments and aphrodisiacsng (Marissa Kummerling)
  • The Health of Sex Workers (Tiffany Kenison)

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