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Education and Career Development

AMSA strives to extend the scope of our members' medical education through institutes, international exchanges and career developing opportunities.

  • AMSA Fellowship Program
    The AMSA Fellowship Program is an intensive one-year long educational immersion experience. Through experiential education, mentorship, professional development opportunities, and individual scholarly pursuits, fellows support AMSA’s vision while gaining knowledge about organizational development and leadership.

  • AMSA Academy
    AMSA Academy is a training ground for physician leaders that strives to empower students to effect change in medicine. Combining didactic with experiential learning, AMSA Academy courses take students through the core competencies of leadership and project implementation, while building on key principles of important topics in medicine.

  • International Exchanges
    AMSA's IFMSA exchange program offers students the opportunity to participate in clerkships, research activities, exchanges and electives worldwide.

  • International Health Opportunities
    This online directory is a collection of international health opportunities that reach nearly every location on the globe. It continues to be one of our most popular member resources.

  • AMSA Webinar Resource Center
    Online guest speakers and training sessions are often recorded and have been compiled for viewing at your leisure.

  • Free Resources for Students
    Recommended by fellow students, these resources are free for physicians-in-training.

  • Events & Student Opportunities
    From conferences to leadership institutes to internship opportunities, there is something here for everyone.

  • Succeeding in the Match Video Series

  • Career Development 
    Designed to help physicians-in-training along all aspects of their career paths, our resources include medical school and residency program surveys and assessments.

International Health Opps

International Health Opportunities
One of AMSA's longest running and most popular resources! Visit our International Health Opportunities Directory to find internships, fellowships, electives, course work, volunteer/educational and Medical Spanish opportunities.

AMSA Academy

AMSA AcademyAMSA Academy, established by and for students, is a training ground for physician leaders, empowering medical students to effect change in medicine.

AMSA Exchange Program

International Health Exchange Program
AMSA’s exchange program, through a partnership with IFMSA, offers students the opportunity to participate in clerkships, research activities, exchanges and electives worldwide. Find out more about these amazing opportunities.