AMSA PremedFest 
University of Florida, 
Gainesville, FL
April 11-12, 2015

Isaiah Cochran
Premedical Trustee

Isaiah is currently a junior pre-med biology major with a minor in chemistry and Spanish. Because he values his education greatly and wants to help others achieve their goals through education as well, he initiated an AMSA chapter at Waynesburg University.

He served as the AMSA chapter president for two years and is most proud of the mentorship program that was established because it is integral to the pre-med process. He then served as a Pre-Medical Regional Director. And now he is excited to hold the position of Pre-Medical Trustee on the AMSA Board of Trustees.

Isaiah is from Akron, Ohio. He attends school at Waynesburg University in Waynesburg, PA. He hopes to one day become a neurologist in order to do research in regards to Alzheimer’s, and to eventually establish health clinics in underprivileged regions of the world. In addition to his participation in AMSA, Cochran is a part of the varsity tennis team at Waynesburg University, as well as the outreach coordinator for the American Chemical Society Chapter at Waynesburg. Lastly, Cochran has a wide range of interest that encompass playing the piano, and conducting research. Last summer he conducted research at Yale University in regards to DNA repair pathways, and this summer he will be at Harvard Medical School doing research in clinical neuroscience.



Isaiah Cochran

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