Sonia Lazreg"Each day I reflect and recognize how great an opportunity serving as an AMSA Fellow has been. There's nothing as energizing as reaching out to fellow medical students, helping them become better leaders, and knowing that I'm contributing to a physician workforce that will ultimately contribute to positive changes in healthcare."

Sonia Lazreg
AMSA Fellow, 2010-2011


Education & Research Fellow Description

The Education & Research Fellow (ERF) is a unique position for a medical student to spend a year augmenting their formal medical training with the opportunity to delve deeply into select issues affecting the quality and content in medical education. The ERF serves multiple roles at the American Medical Student Association while working closely with staff and national leaders to enhance educational programming initiatives throughout the organization. First and foremost, as an AMSA fellow, the ERF will experience the core components of the fellowship program as outlined in the AMSA Fellowship Program general description.

Candidates need not have significant experience in areas such as teaching or curriculum design, but must be enthusiastic and motivated to learn in order to become a leader in these areas over the course of their fellowship.

In terms of the experiential education offered, the ERF will benefit from providing leadership and contributing to the strategic direction on a number of areas within the organization.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • AMSA Academy – The ERF works directly with the Education and Research Director (ERD), as well as with the Executive Director and staff, to design a successful array of external educational programming with the goal of developing knowledge and skills in areas that are not traditionally included in medical school curricula. The ERF will be responsible for overseeing the coordinators for the Institutes and Scholars Programs, providing guidance on instructional design and curricular content, developing and implementing high quality assessment tools, and working toward effective implementation of a sustainable model focused on external funding and recognition/accreditation of the programming.

  • Conference/Convention Programming – The ERF works closely with the ERD, President, national and local leaders, and staff to develop high-quality, educationally-sound, and innovative programming for the AMSA Conferences (Empowering Future Physicians), National Convention, and the annual leadership meeting (Building On Foundations). Such activities related to conference and convention planning include evaluating and selecting programming and poster abstracts, identifying and inviting speakers, implementing and managing programming evaluation and quality improvement, and supporting advertising and marketing campaigns under direction of Marketing and Business Development.

  • AMSA Research Agenda – The ERF has primary responsibility to oversee AMSA’s research initiatives, including the development and implementation of research policies, as well as helping to direct research efforts by members and leaders around issues involving educational program evaluation, leadership development, and advocacy training and effectiveness. The ERF will also support efforts leading to the publication of findings based on AMSA’s activities through Institutes, Scholars Programs, symposia, and the activities of chapters and individual members.

  • Educational Consultation –The ERF provides content expertise on issues of medical education for AMSA members throughout the nation. This role includes working to establish and develop ties with medical education organizations across the U.S. and internationally. The ERF works to ensure that AMSA is on the cutting edge of educational practice and that the collective voice of physician-in-training is represented and heard throughout organized medical education. In particular, the ERF will work with the Education and Research Director to build and maintain relationships with medical school deans, key representatives from the AAMC, AACOM, and other associations representing graduate health programs, and experts in the fields of education, instructional design, and psychometrics.

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Past Fellows Speak Out

Aliye Runyan, MD"The education and research fellowship has truly been life changing. I have honed my skills in networking, communication, planning and developing curricula, as well as discovered the trajectory of my future career through experiences as a fellow! AMSA provides an incredible platform to learn from, and give back to, the medical education and advocacy community."

Aliye Runyan, M.D.
Education and Research Fellow, 2012-2014


"I'm going to join the list of current and former fellows on the comment thread here and strongly encourage you to consider the AMSA fellowships - they are a fantastically unique opportunity for medical students."

Colin McCluney
AMSA Fellow, 2011-2012


Dr. Matt Stull"Becoming the first AMSA Education & Research Fellow has been an amazing opportunity for me. I've had the opportunity to delve into an area of medicine that is rarely focused on, but vital to ensuring that all physicians leave their training feeling prepared for their duties as a member of the medical field. Having been able to travel to conferences all over the U.S. and internationally, has provided me with amazing insight to the innovations in medical education, allowing me to share them with AMSA members and empower them to become active consumers of their education. The skills I've garnered and the opportunities I have had during this year have been essential to my professional development as a physician, educator, and leader."

Dr. Matthew Stull
AMSA Fellow, 2010-2011