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February 26 - March 1, 2015 

Surgery Interest Group

The Surgery Interest Group provides a forum for medical students, premedical students and practicing physicians with the goal of promoting and providing a resource for learning and critical thinking.

  • Help members learn how to create a plan to achieve their goal of becoming a surgeon
  • Stimulate open discussions and collaboration through our Surgery community on InEx - Together our knowledge pool is greater than any one member. This member-only community provides an opportunity to ask questions, learn from the experience of others, and leverage each other's knowledge. Please feel free post clinical cases (even hypothetical) you would like the list to consult on, remembering NOT to include any information that may be give any clue to a real patient.  

Guide to Surgical Summer Programs

  • Guide to Surgical Summer Programs
    In this guide, you will find information about some of the leading summer programs across the country in various surgical specialties. As a student interested in surgery, these programs offer valuable insight into this career path while delving into a part of it that is both integral to your success as an prospective applicant and to the field, research. Enjoy. Guide created by Paul Johnson, Meharry Medical College.

Residency Resources

Education Resources

Global Health Resources

Cardiothoracic Surgery Links

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery Net - excellent general reference for cardiothoracic surgery. Includes a full text cardiac surgery book, videos of various procedures, clinical situation simulators and many other multimedia resources.
  • Heart Surgery Forum - multimedia journal and lectures, videos of procedures, etc 
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery at NYU - articles, full-length surgical procedure videos and case studies
  • Heart Linx - excellent general cardiology reference 


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