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February 26 - March 1, 2015 

Wellness & Student Life Committee

AMSA's Wellness & Student Life (WSL) Action Committee aims is to improve the physician-in-training experience by

  1. promoting affordability and access to medical education,
  2. fostering a supportive educational environment,
  3. advancing student wellness in order to help trainees flourish and
  4. determining and helping to address unmet medical and premedical student needs.

We believe that student support and wellness are particularly affected by the availability of safe and adequate learning environments; the availability of counseling as well as mental health services; and the accessibility of appropriate academic resources and career planning tools.

Our Goals & Getting Engaged

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Committee Leadership

Melina BensonMelina Benson
Wellness & Student Life Chair
Caitlin McFarland
Caitlin McFarland
Darya Nesterova
Darya Nesterova
Kevin Severson
Kevin Severson

Recent Book Webinars

Carol CassellaSeptember 24, 2013
and Oxygen
Carol Cassella
Author, Anesthesiologist and Mother

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