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Global Aids Pandemic

Ways Medical Students Can Get Involved

  • Display The AIDS Memorial Quilt on your campus
    This enormous patchwork quilt is composed of 3-by-6 feet panels (the size of a human grave), each panel is devoted to the memory of a person who died from AIDS.

  • Africa Programs
    Each year since 1978, the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship has selected four New England medical students to spend three months working as Fellows at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné, Gabon on clinical rotations. Fellows work as junior physicians, supervised by hospital medical staff. Fellows are eligible for pediatrics, medicine, or surgery rotations. The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship provides complete funding for students (airfare, room, board, immunizations, etc.).

  • American Association for World Health (AAWH) Washington, D.C.
    The AAWH was founded in 1953 as a charitable and educational organization, and works in concert with the World Health Organization (WHO) and its western regional affiliate, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). Its purposes are to inform the American public about major health challenges that affect people both here and abroad. The internship program at AAWH offers interns meaningful work experience by integrating them in the association's health initiatives.

  • Elizabeth Glaser Student Intern Award
    The goal of this program is to encourage students to choose a career in pediatric HIV/AIDS research and care.

  • Global Service Corps in Tanzania, Cambodia, and Thailand
    Volunteer abroad in Tanzania, Thailand or Cambodia with Global Service Corps, a successful leader in international volunteering and service-learning since 1993. Volunteer in Africa or Asia in programs such as: sustainable agriculture and food security; international health; community development; HIV/AIDS nutrition, education and prevention; teach English abroad; Buddhist Immersion; and orphan care.

  • Harvard School of Public Health
    Opportunities for medical school students to perform HIV/AIDS research in Botswana.

  • International Foundation for Alternative Research in AIDS Portland, Oregon
    The Foundation provides education and outreach to those infected and affected individuals living with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. The summer internship involves organizing, coordinating and hosting local television program concerning AIDS therapy from the biomedical and alternative/homeopathic traditions.

  • International AIDS Empowerment
    International AIDS empowerment is a non-profit organization staffed by people who are HIV positive. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS regionally, nationally, and internationally. Towards this end, they offer numerous programs including Compassionate Medications International, which recycles unused medicines from the U.S. for use in developing countries. Other programs include a treatment advocacy program, support groups for HIV+ women and HIV Counseling and Testing. Contact their office to learn more about how you could help in their activities.

  • Jubilee USA Network Washington, D.C.
    Jubilee USA Network is part of the worldwide movement seeking to cancel the international debts of impoverished countries.

  • Mother Theresa's Mission Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Three facilities in Addis Ababa provide for HIV+ women and orphan children with "low-tech" hospital/hospice care for destitute persons. Although a Catholic facility, all volunteers are welcome and provided with room and board. Contact Dr. Richard Hodes at

  • Nyumbani Hospice Kenya
    This orphanage houses HIV + children and provides medical help, food clothing and love to children who would otherwise be homeless. With the ever-increasing number of HIV infected children, Nyumbani has become a beacon of hope in an area that desperately needs one. Nyumbani accepts volunteers on a year-round basis.

  • Partners in Health, Thomas J. White Internship Boston, MA
    The Institute for Health and Social Justice (IHSJ) at PIH, "attempts to examine the impact of poverty and inequality on health by linking scholarly analysis with community-based experience." IHSJ selects a central research theme every year and organizes events (e.g., seminars, conferences) around the theme. Interns work on selected projects which coincide with the central theme while being exposed to an environment of scholars and doctors working for a more equitable global distribution of health care.

  • Philadelphia FIGHT
    Philadelphia FIGHT has internship opportunities for students in undergraduate programs and medical school. Internships are available on an unpaid, for school credit basis during the school year and on a paid basis during the summer. Interns may work at the Johnathan Lax Immune Disorders Treatment center for people living with HIV/AIDS, regardless of the patient's ability to pay. There are also opportunities to participate in cutting-edge clinical research.

  • Public Health Institute Santa Cruz, CA
    Offers summer internships, which include teaching AIDS prevention workshops in Spanish/English. Workshops are held in Santa Cruz for international participants. The Public Health Institute may be able to assist those interested in overseas AIDS Prevention internships in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

  • MAP International Medical Fellowship
    Encourages lifelong involvement in global health issues by providing selected medical students firsthand exposure in a Christian context to the health, social and cultural characteristics of a developing world community.

  • Search for a Cure Boston, MA
    Seeks summer intern to (1) Compile manual for health care providers regarding the latest treatments and diagnostics available for HIV/AIDS (2) Perform research for a primer geared towards individuals recently learning their HIV status. Intern may also participate in the organizations efforts to set up HIV/AIDS programs internationally.

  • AIDS International Training and Research Training
    Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative

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