Human Trafficking & Health Care
YOU Stand at the Intersection

Human Trafficking intersects with Health Care. YOU stand in the middle. The issue of human trafficking is outstandingly relevant to you as a future physician.

Slaves reside within U.S. borders – in every city. This crisis is very local. Not only, are humans trafficked from all over the world, but traffickers prey on our own children.

You can change this. You have the unique position and ability to radically change someone’s life. You are vitally significant in the eradication of modern day slavery.

Will you possess the training and knowledge necessary to care for victims trapped in modern day slavery?

Slavery in the United States ( - This film highlights domestic minor sex trafficking. Labor trafficking also makes up a large percentage of trafficking in America.

At AMSA our efforts seek to increase awareness and education around the intersection of health care and human trafficking. As future physicians, we play a vital role in identifying and helping victims.

AMSA’s goal is to provide you with the necessary resources to pioneer awareness and training initiatives on your campus. We have the tools, but YOU are the voice.

Look through the materials here to educate yourself. Then, learn how you can be an advocate on your campus.

Take Action

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Think About It

28% of trafficking survivors said they came in contact with a health care provider during their trafficking situation and were not recognized.

Source: Turning Pain into Power: Trafficking Survivors’ Perspectives on Early Intervention Strategies. Family Violence Prevention Fund in Partnership with the World Childhood Foundation, March 2005.

Report Trafficking

Think you have a potential trafficking situation? Contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) for help and information.